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From Alexander Shorin <>
Subject Re: Timeout using Erlang views with large documents
Date Wed, 18 Dec 2013 18:17:05 GMT
iirc native query server has hardcoded timeout 5000 and ignores
os_process_timeout setting.

On Wed, Dec 18, 2013 at 10:05 PM, Robert Newson <> wrote:
> I've confirmed that the native view server honors that timeout, can
> you tell me what;
> curl localhost:5984/_config/couchdb/os_process_timeout
> returns? You might need to bounce couchdb in any case, as it applies
> this timeout setting when it creates the process, and we keep a pool
> of them around, so changes to timeout after that won't be picked up
> until they're rebuild. restarting couchdb is the quickest way to
> ensure that.
> B.
> On 18 December 2013 16:20, david martin <> wrote:
>> Futon on Apache CouchDB 1.2 (according to Futon)
>> {"couchdb":"Welcome","version":"1.2.0"} according to ?
>> CouchDB 1.4.0 Ubuntu according to Package name
>> I set os_process_timeout 50000000000000 (effective infinity).
>>  I ALWAYS get the VERY unhelpful message which merely prints the document
>> contents.
>> Error: timeout       % yes I know this but cannot do anything about it
>> {gen_server,call,     % it's in a gen_server yes I know this!
>>             [<0.14190.8>,   % this is its PID yes I know this!
>>              {prompt,[<<"map_doc">>,   % it is a MAP function yes I know
>> this!
>> {[{<<"_id">>,<<"61c3f496b9e4c8dc29b95270d9000370">>}, % it
is the document I
>> am processing, Yes I know this!
>> {<<"_rev">>,<<"9-e48194151642345e0e3a4a5edfee56e4">>},
>>                         .....
>> Yes it is a large and complex document (16K lines to make this happen on
>> fast machine much less on Raspberry Pi).
>> Yes it uses Erlang view function.
>> Yes I DO want it to hog resources until it is finished.
>> Yes I am the administrator.
>> No I cannot dictate how big or small the document is.
>> Yes this is important to me.
>> I have not pursued this as I was using rcouch, I could not find the source
>> of the timeout message.
>> I did not want to have to rebuild to fix this.
>> I did not want to bother the Couchdb team as I was using a fork of CouchDB.
>> Simlar issues have been raised and no answers forthcoming.
>> Mentions of "hidden tweaks", "this is not good for you", "have you got big
>> documents"  etc.
>> How do I get this NOT to timeout?
>> On rcouch I would change a value and rebuild a release to fix this (if I
>> could identify the source).
>> If anybody can give a clue I will test their hypothesis and report back to
>> the list.
>> --
>> David Martin

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