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From Benoit Chesneau <>
Subject Re: osqa
Date Thu, 31 Oct 2013 15:59:54 GMT
On Thu, Oct 31, 2013 at 4:32 PM, matt j. sorenson <>wrote:

> An anecdote on re: manpower applied to a theoretical ASF-hosted alternative
> I've been a participant of and observer to the Drupal open source community
> for nearly a decade. Drupal version 7 was released, I believe, in March
> 2011., the canonical destination for contributions to drupal
> along with user forums, and issue queues for contributed projects, is
> offline *today* (Halloween 2013), because after ~1.5 years of effort, the
> site is finally ready to be upgraded from 6 to 7... all while most
> Drupalers are anticipating the major version 8 release.
> Why the anecdote? There are troves and hoardes of information and
> discussions in hundreds of thousands of lengthy pages within 'D.O.'...
> anyone who has performed work on a drupal build out knows that end of the
> day feeling of having 47 D.O. tabs open to modules and offensively long
> issue pages (to issues unresolved sometimes for years) and forum
> discussions, trying to pinpoint the cause and fix for some odd unexpected
> behavior.
> But there is also, now, and for some time, a drupal.stackexchange site. And
> I am finding more and more that the SE site is of increasing value. Better
> quality questions and answers, and more often than not... answers above the
> fold :D
> That's not to say that algorithms to float the more useful content of D.O.
> up and sink all the noise to the bottom of the sea (sorry, Robert) could
> not be implemented some day... but, would the Drupal infra team tackle that
> before or after the upgrade to Drupal 8?!
> Just wanted to fill in some of the background re: my perspective
> --Matt

I don't want to discuss the quality of the answer you can find on a stack
exchange inc website. Stack overflow generate a lot of noise for sure, and
it's really difficult to find valuable and deeper information among the
noise it generates in the search engines but it's not the thing I want to
discuss here.

Also I don't buy the argument of "there are more people on SO". One true
thing is that most are here too even if you had to register. Simply reusing
your email could also work as your login, you don't need more.

But I don't want to enter in such considerations yet. It's kind of

To be clear I am looking for a tool to handle QA that can be controlled by
the community: the content license, the way you can extend it... It
appeared to me that OSQA could have been a good way to do it. From the
discussion I can see a list of questions we should ask before choosing it

- How it can scale?
- Which scale do we need ?
- Is it easy to manage it?

I would also be interesting to know what people are expecting from such
tool, which kind of features. Then we could probably list some solutions
and poll everyone here about what they want even if these solutions are
proprietary, based on some laws nobody really want etc.

Just asking anyway.

- benoit

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