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From Alexander Shorin <>
Subject Re: Monitoring whether servers are talking to one another.
Date Thu, 05 Sep 2013 23:38:32 GMT
Hm, theoretically, is it possible to query Mochiweb internals to get
the list of active connections against some resource? Or this will
require non trivial solution?

On Wed, Sep 4, 2013 at 5:52 PM, Robert Newson <> wrote:
> Hi,
> You should see access attempts in the log, look for lines matching
> _changes, for example.
> B.
> On 3 September 2013 06:48, Daniel Carr <> wrote:
>> Hi all.
>> I have two instances of couchdb which are connected by an unreliable
>> network, and have an continuos asynchronous replication going. (i.e.:
>> machine B has continuos push and pull replications from machine a)
>> Is there an easy way of telling when the last time machine B successfully
>> polled machine A's changes feed? When I poll machine B's _active_tasks, it
>> doesn't seem to make a difference whether it's connected to the network or
>> not. The 'last_updated_on' field just keeps going up every time I poll
>> _active_tasks.
>> I don't want the last date something changed, I want the last date machine
>> B was connected to machine A and could have replicated a document (in
>> either direction) if it needed to.
>> Cheers,
>> Daniel Carr

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