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From Ben Cohen <>
Subject is there a promises based, browser-compatible couchdb api with cors support?
Date Mon, 08 Jul 2013 23:37:40 GMT
Hi all --

I'm working on an emberjs app and looking for the easiest/best way to connect to the couchdb
rest api.  I'm not using any of the ember-data libraries as the ember-data half of ember seems
to be pretty heavyweight, under churn, and doesn't really map to my uses all that much anyway.
 So I'm looking for the simplest way to interact with couchdb.  Ember really wants all the
server interactions be wrapped in promises -- it seems it won't be that hard to wrap promises
around jquery.couch calls -- but just wanted to check and see if there was something already
out there which is tested and in use by others …  Ideally I'm also looking for something
whichs supports CORS out of the box as my app will be hosted on a different domain than the
couch server.

Many thanks,

Nathaniel Cohen
Programmer-Analyst -- Scripps Institution of Oceanography
cell: 619.729.3320
phone: 858.534.9567

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