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From mangvlad <>
Subject Large views and concurrent access
Date Fri, 14 Jun 2013 16:58:51 GMT

I have a view that returns about 14,000 rows (about 1.5 MB in size).
Getting it back (GET request) takes abou 1 sec.

If I try to have 2 users (2 separate requests) accessing it at the same time, 
the time to complete the request becomes 2 second. 
(3 seconds for 3 users, 4 for 4, etc.).

The same happens, 
when 2 users are trying to access two different views of similar sizes: 
getting view 1 takes 1 sec, getting view 2 takes 1 seconds 
but trying to get results from both in parallel takes 2 seconds....

More Info:

1. If/when I try to use limit=100 or other small numbers, 
concurrency is not an issue, 
but I need to have the full view for my app.

2. Using reduce is not an option, since I need to do dynamic filtering 
(so I am using node.js to do the reduce, but it needs the complete view...)

I hope may be there is a config parameter to allow for this use case... 

(maybe increase some buffers or memory? 
1.5 MB is not even that large of a result...)


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