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From Dave Cottlehuber <>
Subject Re: Replication misses documents
Date Wed, 01 May 2013 11:17:33 GMT
On 1 May 2013 11:53, Robert Larsen <> wrote:
> On 05/01/2013 11:35 AM, Dave Cottlehuber wrote:
>> The source_seq is very low, compared to the current npm registry:
>> curl -s | json_reformat | grep committed
>>     "committed_update_seq": 474407
>> So either you're not pointing at the actual registry, or this
>> replication is no longer running for some reason.
> I weren't. I were pointing to a local version (the one on
> in my examples) that were probably not entirely replicated.
> But it contained the 'underscore' document, so when I replicate that one
> over to my localhost, I would expect the same documents to be there.
>> I'd cancel the replication, and re-create it using the _replicator
>> endpoint so it gets picked up even if the server restarts. Something
>> like this (untested):
>> curl -X PUT http://admin:passwd@localhost:5984/_replicator/npm-mirror
>> --data-binary '{"source":"",
>> "target":"npm-mirror", "continuous": true}' -H "Content-Type:
>> application/json"
> I'll try that. Is there a way to replicate the compacted version instead
> of the full 50 or so GB? I don't need every version of every document.

That's all you get anyway, the replication algorithm sends the current
winning revision + body + attachments, and for all other revisions,
only the rev field from the leaf revisions. The bodies (i.e. other
versions) are not sent.

>> For the failure, a snippet of the couch.log file will probably explain
>> why this is failing.
> There ain't really any failures. Not in the log either. The document
> simply ain't in the database even thou it is in the database I am
> replicating...which is weird.

Can you try a named document replication (just the underscore doc),
after setting debug mode at both nodes via `curl -XPUT
http://admin:passwd@localhost:5984/_config/log/level -d '"debug"'` ,
and check couch.log at both source & destination? When the wiki is
back up
lists how to do it.


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