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From Scott Weber <>
Subject Multiple "follows" attachments not working.
Date Wed, 29 May 2013 20:35:08 GMT
I am trying to add multiple attachments during creation of a document.

Specifically, I am using this information:

The problem is, it is not working.  And I am not getting a response at all.  And 
the Erlang user window isn't showing anything.

However, I can put regular documents in.  All day long.  I get a good response, 
and the Erlang user windows shows the 'PUT' request with a happy ending (so to 

I've gone as far as to strip my code down to where it create something that 
looks almost the same as the example.  And I even write it to a file just before 
sending it, so I can see it.  It is pasted below.

But no reply.  Total silence on the socket and in the Erlang window.

Any advice is appreciated.  The document is purely a carrier for the 
attachments, and I wish to avoid putting all the attachments into the doc one at 
a time.

NOTE:  Why is 'content-type' called 'content_type' inside the JSON?
  (I rearranged the names because my JSON encoder is putting them 

PUT /images/010123456789 HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: multipart/related;boundary="ABC010123456789"

content-type: application/json

   "_attachments" : {
      "boo.txt" : {
         "content_type" : "text/plain",
         "follows" : true,
         "length" : 21
      "far.txt" : {
         "content_type" : "text/plain",
         "follows" : true,
         "length" : 20


this is 21 chars long

this is 20 chars lon

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