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From "Kevin R. Coombes" <>
Subject Re: Curiosity how you use CouchDB in your web env.
Date Wed, 06 Mar 2013 16:50:15 GMT
I mostly prefer to use the "couchapp" approach where the html and 
javascript for the UI are stored as attachments to the design document, 
with jQuery handling the interactions between the browser and couch.

On 3/6/2013 10:45 AM, Mark Hahn wrote:
> I have a node app that does all html serving and my app talks directly to
> couch via  I think this is the most common setup.
> On Wed, Mar 6, 2013 at 8:21 AM, TAE JIN KIM<>  wrote:
>> There are couple of ways that CouchDB can be used in web development.
>> You could deploy your html as attachment in _design in your couch
>> actually couchdb could serve your html....
>> You could create a kind of proxy middle layer so that this can communicate
>> between your presentation layer and your CouchDB due to cross-domain issue
>> of Ajax..
>> There might be some different way as well....
>> There is no obvious right answer approach here I guess, but just out of
>> curiosity, would like to hear
>> how CouchDB is being used in your web environment....
>> if you had all of experience as far as deployment is concerned, that would
>> be great  if you could share for each pros/cons as well...
>> Thanks in advance.

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