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From "Johannes J. Schmidt" <>
Subject Re: Node + Couch
Date Fri, 01 Mar 2013 09:40:34 GMT
Thats awesome shit! Thanks!
On 01/25/2013 06:17 PM, Ryan Ramage wrote:
> Hey all, there are many out there who use couchdb + node together. And a
> lot are excited about Jason Smith's (and others) work using node as a view
> server. I say the more options the better!
> I just wanted to let others know of another experiment of mixing node and
> with couch. It's called gardener and the repo is here:
> The premise is based around keeping a node module bundled with a design doc
> (or a couchapp).
> Why? Maybe your ddoc map/reduces twitter feeds and you want to have node
> fetch and store from twitter. Lots of imaginary scenarios.
> The gardener is a node process watches a couch, looking for design docs
> with a node module attached. Finding one, it will simple npm install it,
> spawn a forever process, and pass it the db url to connect to.
> Optionally, it can be used to route http requests through couch (via
> externals) to the node process.
> The idea here is to build reusable backend node processes that work well
> with couch, or a mechanism to distribute slightly more powerful couchapps.
> And this all works with couch today.
> So you know it is fairly young, so warnings apply. But it is in the process
> of being used in a real product.
> Feedback welcome.
> Ryan

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