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From Nick North <>
Subject Re: any good way of filtering out your own _changes?
Date Thu, 04 Oct 2012 07:10:24 GMT
I would go for your suggestion of including a source field in the documents. If multiple instances
of the app are a potential problem, then it can generate a UUID on startup and use that as
the source.

Alternatively you could generate your own doc ids and include the source string in the doc
id. That is probably harder as you have to make certain your doc ids are unique.


On 4 Oct 2012, at 07:35, svilen <> wrote:

> so noone to suggest something?
>>> so i have a local db that replicates bidirectional with several
>>> others. an app uses local db, listens to _changes and also puts
>>> things sometimes. Any way to avoid it seeing it's own changes?
>>> i guess i can put a manual field e.g. "source" to *each* document or
>>> something... but that's not very neat. but may be the only way,
>>> hmmm - e.g. how to differ between different copies of same app..
>>> running in parallel.
> svil

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