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From svilen>
Subject Re: Adding fields to _user db
Date Fri, 05 Oct 2012 06:10:19 GMT
+1 on the question

i am still undecisive whether to use _users (and put all profile
data there), make separate db, and live with the ~joins, or use
completely separate (~already made) non-couchdb thing - in my case it's
no much difference.

if internaly it is not any special than other databases, it should be
no big deal storing couple of fields extra. 
syncpoint is using it this way. 

But i dont know about overdoing it, say adding attachments e.g. photo?
will that screw anything? 

i am thinking that if it gets too big it will be because of number of
users not because single user-data is big. but i may be wrong..


 i intend to do same anyway.
On Fri, 5 Oct 2012 03:49:52 +0200
Wordit <> wrote:

> I've read before that you are not supposed to store any other data in
> the _users database except what's already there. Thing is, I need to
> use a nickname for users since their email address is their username
> (that's what BrowserId, Google OpenID etc use).
> Adding a nickname field should be the easiest way to hide their
> email/username. I've tried creating a hash of the username in a
> profile document and storing the nickname there, but it makes things
> very complex (e.g. see my post about CommonJS) and uses more
> resources.
> Design-wise it makes most sense to me to store the nickname in the
> _users db since this is directly related to the user's identity. Their
> actual username, being an email address, needs to be hidden. Is there
> a good reason not to do this?
> Marcus

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