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From svilen>
Subject any good way of filtering out your own _changes?
Date Wed, 03 Oct 2012 14:19:13 GMT

so i have a local db that replicates bidirectional with several others.
an app uses local db, listens to _changes and also puts
things sometimes. Any way to avoid it seeing it's own changes?
i guess i can put a manual field e.g. "source" to *each* document or
something... but that's not very neat. but may be the only way, hmmm -
e.g. how to differ between different copies of same app.. running in

ah, and any way to automaticaly sequence items? Even if "eventual" as in
"eventual consistency".. 
Now i am putting a separate field for that ( =db.doc_count ) at each
update, but i dont like it..
there is _local_seq in the document API that returns the sequenceid
of the revision, but that is not accesible in views.. or actualy now i
see it can be made accessible by adding extra options in the view
definition. hmm i have to try that.


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