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From Aurélien Bénel <>
Subject Re: Rewrite with startkey, endkey and \u9999
Date Mon, 10 Sep 2012 15:58:56 GMT
> Doesn't [] come after \u9999? Couldn't you do this?
> startkey=["language", "query"]
> endkey=["language", "query", []]

Thanks Keith. I tried a variant of it before. This trick is known to work for compound keys
equality, but it doesn't work for startsWith queries since ["en", "curious oil within;"] >
["en", "curious oil", []] 	

However, it could be a good idea to use a special character that wouldn't be parsed with the
parameter name by the rewrite handler.
I just tried the tilde in vain:

"from": "search",
"to": "_view/foo",
 "query": {
   "startkey": [":language",":query"],
   "endkey": [":language",":query~"]

What seems weird to me is that it doesn't work with "/" either. Even if it would be a bad
idea in general, in this case it should be sorted after the space, and I thought slashes were
parsed as separators by the rewrite handler.

Any other ideas?


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