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From Michael Bykov <>
Subject Re: couchdb-lucene return null;
Date Thu, 12 Jul 2012 13:30:28 GMT
2012/7/11 Robert Newson <>:
> That's a bit strange, couchdb shouldn't be sending duplicate keys. Do you go through
the Python script? You can see what couchdb-lucene sees if you query GET /dbname/_changes?feed=continuous&include_docs=true
> What version of couchdb and couchdb-lucene? If the latest of each, then you can avoid
the Python script by using the new configuration documented in the README.
> B.

Hi Robert,

I go through soca. I have to open document with 'rpp' in Futon, make
any change in any field and save it. Then CL works great. But before -
'duplicated rpp, timeout, and kernel panic'.

As for

curl -XGET 'http://localhost:5984/diglossa/_changes?feed=continuous&include_docs=true'

- it works ok, a lot of listing.

Thank you, this is a soca bug, I think. I'll write to Aaron Quint when
I find what is exactly happens here.


> On 10 Jul 2012, at 19:02, Michael Bykov wrote:
>> Hi,
>> my CL works ok on test base. But on real base with more than 100K records I got
>> INFO [diglossa] Indexing from update_seq start
>> ERROR [diglossa] JSON exception in changes loop
>> org.json.JSONException: Duplicate key "rpp"
>> and then
>> Search timed out.
>> there are 26 records with "rpp" key, and there is no duplicate keys of
>> course. I have copied this 26 recoprs with "rpp" key to test db, and
>> it still works ok.
>> fulltext function was copy-pasted from test db to read db in Futon.
>> Please advice what can be done in such desperate circumstances?
>> --
>> М.
>> xmpp://


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