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From Michael Parker <>
Subject Scaling writes?
Date Wed, 04 Jul 2012 01:21:30 GMT
Given that CouchDB is a multi-master system, it seems that reads scale
gracefully while writes do not -- because N reads among k nodes can be
spread as N/k reads per node, while N writes among k nodes requires
each of the nodes to perform all N writes.

So what's the best practice on scaling writes? Clearly each node
should not be responsible for performing all N writes and we would
want to partition the data storage. I was thinking of consistent
hashing, but that requires some logic to merge results from views. My
best idea so far is to partition documents based on their type, and
all documents of a given type exist in the same partition.

Is current, or is there
something else I should be looking at? Anyone have any success stories
to share?

Guidance would be much appreciated! Thanks!

- Mike

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