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From Henri Losoi <>
Subject How to design a Facebook -application that stores information to CouchDB?
Date Tue, 31 Jul 2012 22:30:24 GMT
Dear readers,

I have asked the question in SO [1] because it is dense and a lot of
information, below summarised to make this post self-containing. 

	1. how can I design a Facebook -application that stores OAuth-2.0
	-authenticated information to the CouchDB? (Facebook could be
	here some other OAuth2.0 -thing)

	2. Does there exist some example -application for the point 1?

	3. Which deployment tool would you use for this kind of
	application? Situp [2] or does it really matter?

I think the crux point is the access-token -- look if I had non-expiring
access-token, I think I could store it simply to the DB along with
user-specified -content. Now I need to have a certain connection
specified here in the Facebook-app -dashboard which messes up with
CouchDB -connection, CouchDB should somehow be aware of the FB. The term
"connection" here is layman -term.

Please, see the SO thread [1] for further information. Any help to
points 1, 2 or 3 greatly appreciated.



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