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From Francesco Furiani <>
Subject Problems with CouchDB 1.2.0 views on large documents JSONs
Date Mon, 04 Jun 2012 19:03:44 GMT

i run a couchdb server (v1.2.0) over a mac (intel architecture, 8gb of 
ram, os x version 10.6.8) installed with brew.

The server itself is used as a storage of big jsons (example: 
) for a tiny uni project.

When we load more than 3 of these jsons, all the map functions (we 
created to retrieve documents besides a simple get by id) does not work.
A typical map is:

function(doc){if(doc.TITLE.title.match('.*INSULIN.*') !== null) 
emit(doc.ID, doc);}

but even a

function(doc){emit(doc.ID, doc.ID)}

cease to work.

while when there are just 3 or 2 jsons in the database they work just fine.
I tried increasing the stack for couchjs (1gb now, going over 1gb 
doesn't work it seems), increasing limits for files (4096), increasing 
timeout for processes but in the end i don't get any results and only a 
(Error: os_process_error {exit_status,0}) from the db.

Is the json we provide too big for couch? We need to redisign map to 
remove parts for json? Is this a known bug (but i haven't found anything 
over the net)?

Any clue that might help me?

Thanks for the help,

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