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From bsquared <>
Subject Re: Couch DB metadata
Date Sat, 12 May 2012 16:47:30 GMT
<> writes:

> Brian, how do I do that in the database itself so other users can see it?
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> bsquared <> wrote:
> ""
> <> writes:
>> Can someone tell me or point me to documentation on how to view CouchDB's document
metadata; how to add additional 'comments' at the document attribute level?
> You may consider a data-dictionary document for the db. Use it to store
> meta-data for each document type.

The thought I had is to create a document in the db whose type is defined as
"data-dictionary".  That document contains an array of document
definitions. You could then define views that enumerate the defintions.  

  "_rev": "01",
  "doc_type": "data_dictionary",
  "document_definitions": {
    "person_doc": {
      "f_name": "string",
      "m_name": "string",
      "l_name": "string",
      "birth_date": "date",

You may also want to look at kanso. It has an admin module which works
in conjuntion with a couch-types module to generate forms dynamically.
I think it could be used as an example to create a javascript solution.

Brian Winfrey

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