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From Ian Mayo <>
Subject Re: Cloaking calls to external API (ElasticSearch)
Date Wed, 25 Apr 2012 13:14:23 GMT
It appears my question could have been more clear.  Sorry about that -
I'm unfamiliar with some of the language/terms used in CouchDb/REST.

I have two servers.  One running a CouchDb database.  The other runs
an ElasticServer [ES] database, which automatically indexed the
CouchDb documents.

ES is queried by collating a JSON search object, and passing that in a
GET to the search URI.

I'd like to tidy this architecture in two ways:
1)  Make it appear I'm just using the CouchDb database.
2)  Allow search query to be expressed purely in a URI

So, I'd like to introduce a capability in CouchDb to handle (redirect)
the search call - solving 1).  I'd also like this capability to be
able to parse the URI parameters and produce a JSON search object, as
shown in the initial message.

I have a suspicion that I may be able to provide this capability in an
_attachment - though I welcome any feedback/correction/clarification.


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