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From Robert Newson <>
Subject Re: Issue Creating Users
Date Sat, 17 Mar 2012 13:47:42 GMT

BigCouch's _users db is on port 5986 so that every node has a full
local copy (so that authentication is a local operation). An update to
the _users db will trigger replication to all the other nodes, so you
only need to add the user once.


On 17 March 2012 02:05, Matthew Woodward <> wrote:
> It's been a while since I've done this so I'm probably just missing
> something but I'm not able to successfully add non-admin users to CouchDB,
> specifically BigCouch 0.4.0 / CouchDB 1.1.1 on Ubuntu Server. Also this is
> in a 6-node cluster if that matters.
> In case this indicates some sort of configuration issue, I'll first say
> that when I go to Futon and am logged out, and I click the "Sign Up" link
> and enter a new user there, it errors out with "Error logging in: Name or
> password is incorrect" (Only reason I bring this up is I do *not* see this
> behavior on IrisCouch.) And note that it DOES create the user document even
> though the error is thrown.
> So I decided to try just posting a new user to the _users database using
> the openssl command line steps here:
> And I made absolutely sure not to include the (stdin) stuff that the newer
> version of openssl spits out.
> Then I put the document into Couch like this:
> curl -X PUT http://serverAdmin:password@myserver:5984/_users/org.couchdb.user:foo
> -d
> '{"name":"foo","password_sha":"hashedsaltedpasswordhere","roles":[],"salt":"salthere","type":"user"}'
> -H "Content-Type: application/json"
> That gets an "ok" response, and the document exists in the _users database
> with the correct values.
> But even at that point I can't log in via Futon, and anything I try to do
> via curl using those credentials returns "Name or password is incorrect"
> As I said I'm probably missing something here but I just cannot get a
> non-admin user created in any of the ways I've tried. Creating a server
> admin via Futon works fine, but with non-admin users I always get the "Name
> or password is incorrect" error.
> Any suggestions welcome. Thanks!
> --
> Matthew Woodward
> / Twitter: @mpwoodward
> Please do not send me proprietary file formats such as Word, PowerPoint,
> etc. as attachments.

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