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From Niklas Närhinen <>
Subject Rapid deployment with CouchDB (problem with view updates)
Date Wed, 30 Nov 2011 12:36:14 GMT
Hi,                        (tl;dr: How to avoid re-creating the view 
index on read if design document modified)
we aren't yet in production with our service that is built on top of 

But in our alpha stages we have already run into problems regarding 
design document deployment and view sequence updates.

The simplified design document structure is something like:


Now the problem is, we want to evolve quickly and deploy daily to 

Let's say I add a new view to _design/products to support our upcoming 
features - let's assume it's called "in_stock" - and push the design 
document to "production".

Now when existing users try to fetch listing of their products, they 
have to wait for the view update for design doc _design/products.

The real question here is: How can I push to the same design document 
frequently without affecting the response times for our users.

I know there are a few options including:
     a) Use new design documents for new views - makes the structure of 
the application not that nice. We are expecting tens or hundreds of views
     b) Deploy only at night and make sure to re-create view indices - 
we are using filtered replication, we would need to 1) have access to 
all the databases 2) it's not optimal to deploy at night time and also 
we are expecting activity 24/7
     c) query views with stale=ok - this doesn't seem like a good thing 
to do within a problem domain where real-time is the key thing to have..

The best suggestion I have gotten (from the great IRC-channel), is to 
have two (or multiple) versions of every design document, and then in 
application logic figure out which one to use. This way I could push the 
design document, trigger view index update and then make the 
applications use the new design document.

I can see some shortcomings with this approach, however, including:
     a) this would have to be realtime, so either I would have to fetch 
the design document to be used before every view query or then have some 
404 -> figure out which view to query
     b) or have multiple design document "versions" (like 
_design/products_20111130) and hardcode the values in client 
applications (webbrowser, native mobile clients, native desktop 
clients). In the long run this will be horrible to manage..
     c) no deployment tool supports this, so I would have to self write 
the automation of deployment for this, not a big deal but still..

So, any other ideas or pointers how to accomplish this? There are so 
many great features (with replicaton etc) with couchdb I wouldn't like 
to have this single thing ruin it for me..

Niklas Närhinen

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