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From CGS <>
Subject Re: Inlining Linked Document Data
Date Mon, 24 Oct 2011 13:45:14 GMT

If I understood correctly your idea, you want to make N to M 
correlations and encapsulate everything in a document. Am I correct? If 
so, you may run in the following problem.

Consider that you created such a document as you suggested (document 
X={A U B | A -> B}) not thinking that later you may need any set you 
used there. Later, you want to have document Y={C U B | C -> B}. That 
will increase your DB unnecessary as you duplicate B. If you use 
include_docs as it is now, you don't run in such a problem. In addition, 
you can filter your ancestors even in this format of the linked 
documents (after all, ancestors is only a key).

In my 2c opinion, one has more freedom to implement what he/she needs in 
this format of linked documents. But this is my 2c opinion and maybe 
your proposal would really help the community.


On 10/24/2011 09:29 AM, Jamie Talbot wrote:
> Hi,
> With reference to linked documents, is there any support for the idea
> of linked document data being inlined into an emitted {_id: XXX}
> block, perhaps with a new query parameter such as 'follow_links=true',
> rather than being appended when called with 'include_docs=true'?
> I know this represents a substantial departure from how things work
> now, but it would offer two significant benefits that I can see:
> 1)  The ability to follow multiple linked docs from a single document
> in a single request.  Let's say for a blog post:
> function (doc) {
> 	emit(doc.timestamp, [{_id: doc.category_id}, {_id: doc.user_id}]);
> }
> called with follow_links=true which would return for example:
> {
> 	"key": 'POST010',
> 	"value": [{
> 		'_id': 'CAT001',
> 		'name': 'First Category'
> 	}, {
> 	'_id': 'USER004',
> 	'name': 'Monkey Magic',
> 	'dob': '1981-02-06'
> 	}]
> }
> 2) You could combine it with include_docs=true, and be able to
> retrieve the source document at the same time.  At the moment when
> using this, if I want data from the source and the linked doc, I can
> only retrieve one or the other with include_docs, which either forces
> me to emit more data from the source, increasing the size of the view,
> or else avoid using the link and make multiple requests.
> While currently useful for hierarchies, I find the linked docs feature
> a little limiting when I want to use it for any other purpose.
> Thoughts?
> Are there any existing ways to achieve the above?
> Cheers,
> Jamie
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