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From Anand Chitipothu <>
Subject Re: CouchDB random crashes
Date Fri, 09 Sep 2011 14:40:12 GMT
2011/9/9 Randall Leeds <>:
> I see "emfile" in the first of those log which indicates your CouchDB
> instance has reached the maximum number of open files.
> If this is an "idle" server, with no clients connected, that may mean there
> is a leak somehow in file descriptors and we should open a ticket to look
> into it.
> If the server is under load from clients it is likely you just need to
> change resource limits.
> See this wiki page:

With the help of rnewson on #couchdb, I was able to find that this
problem is due to number of open files.

It happened that the couchdb server is holding lot of connections for
long time even after the remote end is closed. I could reproduce it by
sending multiple curl requests to the couchdb server with a timeout.

for i in `seq 1000`; do curl -m1
'http://localhost:5984/foo/_changes?feed=continuous'; echo $i; done

I also found that my couchdb server was creating too many couchpy
processes, but I couldn't reproduce that yet. I'll spend some time
exploring it in next couple days and send an update.

Thanks for your support.

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