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From Kapil Kaushik <>
Subject Re: Embeddable CouchDB
Date Tue, 02 Aug 2011 07:08:42 GMT
Hi Teslan/Dave,

Thanks for starting this thread. I am also working on creating an AIR app which 
has a strong need for online/offline synchronization. I want to create a 
standalone AIR installer, which installs the app as well as couch DB all in one 
go...without bothering the end user. Now, I still need to identify how I am I 
going to do this, but I guess I can use things like Install Jammer for creating 
the complete package. But my key concern is that if I bundle couchDB installer 
along with the app installer, then does it greatly increases the size of the 
installer? (just comparing with SQLite DB.....the job is quite easy there....but 
I miss out on all the power of shared database that couch DB provides).

Hi Teslan,
If there is a sample app that you have already created, would you mind sharing 
it? Also, if you have been able to establish a process, can you please 
share that as well? It would greatly help.

-- Kapil

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