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From Keith Gable <>
Subject Re: CouchDB as a windows service.
Date Thu, 04 Aug 2011 20:11:04 GMT
On Thu, Aug 4, 2011 at 2:34 PM, Walter Torres <> wrote:
> sc.exe create CouchDBServer binPath=
> "L:\etc\couchdb\erts-5.8.4\bin\erlsrv.exe" DisplayName= "CouchDB Server"

erlsrv.exe is used on the command line to install services. You
probably need to install the service and then figure out what command
line it tries to call. In particular, Erlang needs to know what to
start and some settings. Erlang's command line is pretty verbose.

I would bet that erlsrv.exe is attempting to access parts of the
registry that can't be accessed by LocalService/NetworkService users,
because erlsrv.exe isn't what would execute the Erlang interpeter

> The GitHub that I pulled the installer from has a non-installer version;
> meaning it is a simple 7z file. I am using that in my experiments.

Erlang, or CouchDB?

I would imagine both are available as binary archives, but they're not
the same thing. CouchDB runs on top of Erlang; Erlang is used by tons
of other stuff. Think of the relationship between Ruby and Ruby on
Rails - Rails runs on Ruby and won't run without some sort of Ruby
interpeter. CouchDB is executed within Erlang.

>  3)  deep understanding of system, how it works, how to modify/config it,
> upgrade it.
>       * 100% there, with what I have. It took me 10 minutes to add SSL to
> my Apache. Took another 5 for Vhosts. You can't say the same with Xxamp or
> WAMP installers.

FWIW, I don't like the "WAMP" installers. Apache and MySQL are easy
enough to install properly on their own (or not install; they check
relative locations for their configuration). You're just describing
the standard way of configuring things in Apache/MySQL/etc. Nothing
wrong with that, just saying that "industry standard" *nix apps are
all pretty much the same.

> Anyway, the info you gave (THANK YOU very much BTW) will keep me busy for a
> bit of time. No matter how much I  think I know, too many times I feel like
> I know nothing at all.

I'm thinking you just need to extract Erlang into a folder, CouchDB
into a different folder (or keep the structure you have, whichever),
then use erlsrv.exe to install the service (like the installer does),
and then it'll all work.

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