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From Robert Newson <>
Subject Re: unusable database in 1.0.1. steps to take?
Date Thu, 04 Aug 2011 09:00:37 GMT
Hi Jason,

What filesystem is this stored on? Are you running with
delayed_commits set to true or false?

Finally, are you able to share the database file with the CouchDB
development team?


On 4 August 2011 03:39, Jason Konrad <> wrote:
> I have a database that has become unusable today. The only way I can
> get the couchdb server to function is to remove "thedb" which it
> doesn't like. I've attached a file with some of the log data as well
> as some errorr futon throws up. I'm looking for any ideas for next
> steps to try and "recover" this database.
> This is running on a CentOS5 system with erlang-R12B-5.12.el5 and
> couchdb-1.0.1-2.el5
> Let me give you a little context to how this came about. I have one
> database, not the one with problems, that has a high update rate on
> documents. Combined with smallish disks this requires compaction a
> couple times a week. The compactions have been going well but the data
> is not always freed up from the system after the compaction. In order
> to get the disk space to free up I restart couchdb. This process had
> been working for a few months but not today.
> On the restart of couchdb the first signs of something out of the
> ordinary was happening, two views were being completely recalulated.
> These calculations can take hours to finish but today that was not the
> case. After about 30 min the views stopped calculating and couchdb
> started throwing 500 response codes for everything no matter what
> database was being used ( there are 26 total, 1 bad one ). I tried
> restarting couchdb but all that would happen is the log file would get
> loads of data like the stuff in the attached file and then eventually
> couchdb would terminate.
> Respect,
>  Jason

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