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From Jon S <>
Subject Naming conventions
Date Fri, 26 Aug 2011 19:16:31 GMT

I'm writing a webapp in Javascript that talks to CouchDB. Are there any conventions for choosing
field names? Should my documents have fields like "red_ball" or "redBall" or "red-ball"?

Seems like "red_ball" is the way to go, but then when I read JSON from CouchDB into Javascript
I have to either deal with a mix of naming conventions or mangle the names manually (a la
Rail's camelize()).


Here are my thoughts:

* CouchDB's reserved fields (e.g., _revs_info) make me think that underscores are standard.
* Mixing two naming conventions in one CouchDB document is confusing and error-prone, so I
should stick to _.
* But my JS code uses camel case, like everyone else's. If I directly read underscored JSON
from CouchDB, then my code will mix two different naming conventions. Yuck.
* Or, I could rename fields when I read and write to CouchDB. Again, yuck.
* The CouchDB book offers no guidance on multi-word field names, as no user-defined field
in the book is more than one word long. The book uses a dashed style ("hello-world") for db
names, view names, show names, and _ids. The book uses a camel case style ("function(newDoc,
oldDoc, userCtx)") for JS variable names.
* Jquery.couch.js is an inconsistent mix of underscore and camel case, even in places (local
vars, formal parameters) that never have to touch JSON.

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