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From Dave Cottlehuber <>
Subject Re: Futon Test Suite Failures
Date Tue, 12 Jul 2011 06:25:14 GMT
On 12 July 2011 10:30, Sam Kearns <> wrote:
> Hi All,
> First post. Recently discovered CouchDB and have been playing around
> with it on my laptop for a couple of weeks. Today I decided to run the
> test suite in Futon. (yeah OK I'm lazy, maybe I should say "relaxed" ;) )
> My Setup:
> Asus EeePC 1000H w/2Gb RAM
> Win7 Home Premium 32-bit
> Couch DB V1.1.0 as a windows service
> Firefox V5.0
> The first time I ran the test suite it informed me that I must be in
> Admin party mode and offered to delete my admin users for me, which I
> accepted.
> The tests then proceeded for a little while but eventually I got a FF
> dialogue telling me scripts were taking to long to run. I clicked
> "Continue" but eventually Firefox totally crashed and had to be
> terminated. After restarting FF I also found that CouchDB had totally
> crashed (no response on HTTP) so I had to restart that service too.
> After getting back into Futon, my CouchDB was now littered with test
> databases. I went back to the test page and tried to test again
> (thinking it would clean up before/after itself). This time it
> completed all the tests without crashing however most of the tests
> failed due to an authorisation error telling me I was not an admin. I
> figured it must have something to do with the left over databases from
> the previous crash so I tried to delete them but could not. Even
> though I was in "Admin Party" mode, Futon kept telling me that I could
> not delete those databases because I was not an administrator. (WTF?)
> So I re-created my user login, but now my new user was not an Admin
> either. After a minor panic that I had locked myself out of my CouchDB
> I discovered that I could add admins to local.ini. After doing that,
> and logging in, I was then able to delete all of the left-over test
> databases. I then went back to local.ini and commented out my admin
> users and restarted couchDB and confirmed I was back in Admin Party
> mode.
> I then ran the tests again, this time every single test passed except
> for the "attachments" test.
> Assertion failed: false
> Exception raised: {
> "message":"actual is null","fileName":"http://localhost:5984/_utils/
> script/couch_test_runner.js?0.11.0
> <http://localhost:5984/_utils/script/couch_test_runner.js?0.11.0>","lineNumber":
> 322,"stack":"
> TEqualsIgnoreCase(\"text/
> plain;charset=utf-8\",null)@http://localhost:5984/_utils/script/
> couch_test_runner.js?0.11.0:322\u000a(true)@http://localhost:5984/
> _utils/script/test/attachments.js:215\u000arun(17)@http://localhost
> <http://localhost:5984/_utils/script/couch_test_runner.js?0.11.0:322%5Cu000a%28true%29@http://localhost:5984/_utils/script/test/attachments.js:215%5Cu000arun%2817%29@http://localhost>:
> 5984/_utils/script/couch_test_runner.js?0.11.0:91\u000a"}
> The odd thing here is that this test had in fact passed on the
> previous test run! I then tried clicking "Run with debugger". The same
> error is shown again in the "Details" column but the test never
> completes, (shows "running" in status column) despite waiting 10+
> minutes for it.
> Also, even though neither Firefox nor CouchDB crashed, my CouchDB now
> has a bunch of left-over test databases in it again. They are:
> test_suite_db
> test_suite_db/with_slashes
> test_suite_filtered_rep_db_a
> test_suite_filtered_rep_db_b
> test_suite_rep_docs_db_a
> test_suite_rep_docs_db_b
> test_suite_reports
> This time however I was allowed to delete them in Admin Party mode.
> Running the test again it fails the attachments test again and also
> fails three other tests: auth_cache, list_views and rev_stemming. All
> three of these tests passed on 2 previous test runs. in looking at
> their error messages they seem completely unrelated to each other.
> (i.e. they are not all auth errors or something like that).
> So at this point I give up with the test suite. Every time I run I get
> different results and it frequently bugs out and can even kill my
> browser and my CouchDB service.
> Thing is, this is the only time that CouchDB has not been rock solid
> for me. I know that's not saying much as I am only developing a
> CouchApp for learning and personal use at the moment.
> Does it matter that I am running the test suite on a CouchDB install
> that already has my app database in it? Or should the test suite only
> be run on a clean install?
> What should I make of all of this?
> Cheers,
> Sam

Hi Sam,

There's no acceptable reason for CouchDB to crash on Windows nor any
other OS. Can you paste somewhere the contents of couch.log please, or
put it on something like dropbox, I'd like to take a look. Also what
CouchDB version did you use - where was it downloaded from?

Re the test suite, I test mainly against FF 4.0. One of the issues is
that a lot of the tests are dependent on the browser's
functionality/bugs & we are often impacted by browser caching. Not a
great excuse but!

If you reset FF and re-run the test suite things should be repeatable.
If you see failures then I'd like to sort these out, especially if its
couch dying or

Seeing as you're in a similar timezone (woo southern hemisphere!!!!)
feel free to chase me (dch) up on IRC #couchdb. I'm online from 21h00
NZST most evenings and daytime around 10h00 onwards.


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