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From Dave Cottlehuber <>
Subject Re: Futon Test Suite Failures
Date Wed, 13 Jul 2011 12:02:36 GMT
> On 12/07/2011 5:26 PM, Sam Kearns wrote:
>> Hi Dave,
>> Thanks for your response! I will send my couch.log directly to you via
>> e-mail.
>> Cheers,
>> Sam
>> On 12/07/2011 4:25 PM, Dave Cottlehuber wrote:
>>> On 12 July 2011 10:30, Sam Kearns<>  wrote:
>>>> Hi All,
>>>> First post. Recently discovered CouchDB and have been playing around
>>>> with it on my laptop for a couple of weeks. Today I decided to run the
>>>> test suite in Futon. (yeah OK I'm lazy, maybe I should say "relaxed" ;)
>>>> )
>>>> My Setup:
>>>> Asus EeePC 1000H w/2Gb RAM
>>>> Win7 Home Premium 32-bit
>>>> Couch DB V1.1.0 as a windows service
>>>> Firefox V5.0
>>>> The first time I ran the test suite it informed me that I must be in
>>>> Admin party mode and offered to delete my admin users for me, which I
>>>> accepted.
>>>> The tests then proceeded for a little while but eventually I got a FF
>>>> dialogue telling me scripts were taking to long to run. I clicked
>>>> "Continue" but eventually Firefox totally crashed and had to be
>>>> terminated. After restarting FF I also found that CouchDB had totally
>>>> crashed (no response on HTTP) so I had to restart that service too.
>>>> After getting back into Futon, my CouchDB was now littered with test
>>>> databases. I went back to the test page and tried to test again
>>>> (thinking it would clean up before/after itself). This time it
>>>> completed all the tests without crashing however most of the tests
>>>> failed due to an authorisation error telling me I was not an admin. I
>>>> figured it must have something to do with the left over databases from
>>>> the previous crash so I tried to delete them but could not. Even
>>>> though I was in "Admin Party" mode, Futon kept telling me that I could
>>>> not delete those databases because I was not an administrator. (WTF?)
>>>> So I re-created my user login, but now my new user was not an Admin
>>>> either. After a minor panic that I had locked myself out of my CouchDB
>>>> I discovered that I could add admins to local.ini. After doing that,
>>>> and logging in, I was then able to delete all of the left-over test
>>>> databases. I then went back to local.ini and commented out my admin
>>>> users and restarted couchDB and confirmed I was back in Admin Party
>>>> mode.
>>>> I then ran the tests again, this time every single test passed except
>>>> for the "attachments" test.
>>>> Assertion failed: false
>>>> Exception raised: {
>>>> "message":"actual is null","fileName":"http://localhost:5984/_utils/
>>>> script/couch_test_runner.js?0.11.0
>>>> <http://localhost:5984/_utils/script/couch_test_runner.js?0.11.0>","lineNumber":
>>>> 322,"stack":"
>>>> TEqualsIgnoreCase(\"text/
>>>> plain;charset=utf-8\",null)@http://localhost:5984/_utils/script/
>>>> couch_test_runner.js?0.11.0:322\u000a(true)@http://localhost:5984/
>>>> _utils/script/test/attachments.js:215\u000arun(17)@http://localhost
>>>> <http://localhost:5984/_utils/script/couch_test_runner.js?0.11.0:322%5Cu000a%28true%29@http://localhost:5984/_utils/script/test/attachments.js:215%5Cu000arun%2817%29@http://localhost>:
>>>> 5984/_utils/script/couch_test_runner.js?0.11.0:91\u000a"}
>>>> The odd thing here is that this test had in fact passed on the
>>>> previous test run! I then tried clicking "Run with debugger". The same
>>>> error is shown again in the "Details" column but the test never
>>>> completes, (shows "running" in status column) despite waiting 10+
>>>> minutes for it.
>>>> Also, even though neither Firefox nor CouchDB crashed, my CouchDB now
>>>> has a bunch of left-over test databases in it again. They are:
>>>> test_suite_db
>>>> test_suite_db/with_slashes
>>>> test_suite_filtered_rep_db_a
>>>> test_suite_filtered_rep_db_b
>>>> test_suite_rep_docs_db_a
>>>> test_suite_rep_docs_db_b
>>>> test_suite_reports
>>>> This time however I was allowed to delete them in Admin Party mode.
>>>> Running the test again it fails the attachments test again and also
>>>> fails three other tests: auth_cache, list_views and rev_stemming. All
>>>> three of these tests passed on 2 previous test runs. in looking at
>>>> their error messages they seem completely unrelated to each other.
>>>> (i.e. they are not all auth errors or something like that).
>>>> So at this point I give up with the test suite. Every time I run I get
>>>> different results and it frequently bugs out and can even kill my
>>>> browser and my CouchDB service.
>>>> Thing is, this is the only time that CouchDB has not been rock solid
>>>> for me. I know that's not saying much as I am only developing a
>>>> CouchApp for learning and personal use at the moment.
>>>> Does it matter that I am running the test suite on a CouchDB install
>>>> that already has my app database in it? Or should the test suite only
>>>> be run on a clean install?
>>>> What should I make of all of this?
>>>> Cheers,
>>>> Sam
>>> Hi Sam,
>>> There's no acceptable reason for CouchDB to crash on Windows nor any
>>> other OS. Can you paste somewhere the contents of couch.log please, or
>>> put it on something like dropbox, I'd like to take a look. Also what
>>> CouchDB version did you use - where was it downloaded from?
>>> Re the test suite, I test mainly against FF 4.0. One of the issues is
>>> that a lot of the tests are dependent on the browser's
>>> functionality/bugs&  we are often impacted by browser caching. Not a
>>> great excuse but!
>>> If you reset FF and re-run the test suite things should be repeatable.
>>> If you see failures then I'd like to sort these out, especially if its
>>> couch dying or
>>> Seeing as you're in a similar timezone (woo southern hemisphere!!!!)
>>> feel free to chase me (dch) up on IRC #couchdb. I'm online from 21h00
>>> NZST most evenings and daytime around 10h00 onwards.
>>> A+
>>> Dav

Hi Sam

That is a lot of logs I'm still going through them :-). So far I see
the usual stuff I'm expecting from a test suite but nothing that
explains the HTTP hang yet.

Could you try this please?

- open FF, clear all crud via "Tools -> Clear Recent History" if
Aurora is similar to FF5.
- stop couchdb service
- move/backup/copy your existing couch DBs in
%COUCHDIR%\var\lib\couchdb\* to somewhere safe
- ensure this folder is now empty incl no more subfolders
- delete %COUCHDIR%\var\log\couchdb\*
- modify %COUCHDIR%\etc\couchdb\local.ini to use [log] level = debug
- start couchdb not via service, but via %COUCHDIR%\bin\couchdb.bat
- you can prettify the werl.exe window if you like
- re-run the test suite from FF
- if any tests fail, gently re-run them individually a couple of times

Also just curious, what's the setting of
Manager\Memory Management\LargeSystemCache ? Are there any delayed
write errors in the system event log?


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