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From Sam Kearns <>
Subject Re: Data.js 0.4.0 released — A declarative interface to CouchDB
Date Fri, 15 Jul 2011 06:31:10 GMT
I just started expirmenting with node.js this last week and I had no 
trouble at all installing on Windows. In fact there isn't even any 
installation. I downloaded node-0.4.9-i686-pc-cygwin-complete.7z from and you just unzip it anywhere you like, and 
then run bin/shell.cmd which opens a command prompt with the environment 
set up and ready to go. Then just type "node yourscript.js" and you're 
off to the races!

On 15/07/2011 4:14 PM, Peter Nolan wrote:
> Would love to give feed back, if node.js could easily be installed on
> windows!
> you know, without building through cygwin/vms/git/AAAAARRRrrggghh..
> But seriously, thanks for the work man.  Data.js is definitely a useful
> project that will be utilized in the future.
> -Pete

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