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From Torstein Krause Johansen <>
Subject Re: Complex queries & results
Date Thu, 09 Jun 2011 07:56:29 GMT
Hi Sean,

On 08/06/11 19:21, Sean Copenhaver wrote:

> For stale=update_after/ok, does that mean the next query could block until
> the view updated? Even if the it was also a stale=update_after/ok query?

I've tested this with two eternal wget loops, one running with stale=ok 
and one the default non stale data setting.

During the index update (600 documents/s), the stale=ok loop continued 
to deliver results throughout my tests while the other wget loop hung 
for more than five minutes. Also worth to note, is that the the stale=ok 
query times went up from ~0.05 to ~0.5s during my tests.



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