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Subject GeoCouch - Encountered spatial query bug
Date Tue, 07 Jun 2011 12:24:48 GMT

Hello community,

during developing and web application using GeoCouch I came across a  
small bug. I'm actually unsure if it's a real bug or if maybe I did  
something wrong. If this is a known issue please apologize, I didn't  
find something similar.

My application provides the user the ability to mark their own  
location on an dynamic map, for which I use the OpenLayers framework  
to display and handle events. But after one has added a few locations  
suddenly GeoCouch only queries the last added feature. This happens as  
it seems, totally randomly as I didn't recognize any pattern till now.  
Even a plain curl spatial query with a 0,0,180,90 bounding box only  
returns the last added feature as if the rest wouldn't exist. But the  
other features still remain within the database and can be queried by  
CouchDB's normal views. Often a restart of the GeoCouch server helps  
to solve this problem.

This is only guess but it seems that this bug only occurs if there is  
a long interval between two adds.

The spatial map function I use is pretty simple and uses a GeoJSON  
point as key value:

function (doc) {
	if (doc.type == "news") {
		if (doc.geometry) {
			var file;
			if (doc._attachments) {
				for (fname in doc._attachments) {
					file = fname;
			else {
				file = null;

			emit(doc.geometry, {
				'attachments': file,
				'content': doc.content,
				'type': doc.type

May someone else encountered a similar problem.

Best regards

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