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From Jason Smith <>
Subject Re: DB that mirrors a view
Date Mon, 23 May 2011 01:25:48 GMT
I think Benoit has a fork of CouchDB to do this. Also I believe this
feature (a _changes filter that only shows docs that change a view) is
possibly coming in the future.

As a side-note, view queries support an ?update_seq=true parameter,
which will tell you the seqnum of the database which that view

Anyway, probably the best bang-for-buck with NodeJS is simply to
download the design document and run the map() functions yourself.
They are purely functional, and they have no (or perhaps well-known)

The basic idea is:

1. Fetch the design document as JSON
2. Extract the value as a string
3. Build a wrapper map() function that has a custom emit()
4. Run it for every _changes update

Below is my basic idea. I think I've seen it elsewhere, perhaps in
Benoit's fork. But this is with Node. It could use some optimization
too (don't re-define map() every function call).

var ddoc = get_ddoc();
var couch_map =;

var changed_keys = [];
function emit(key, val) {
  console.log("Emit! " + JSON.stringify(key));

var map = new Function("doc, emit", "var couch_map = " + couch_map +
"; couch_map(doc););

changes.forEach(function(change) {
  map(change.doc, emit);

console.log("These keys were emitted: " + JSON.stringify(changed_keys));

> Hi guys,
> I'm giving a serious look into building a db that mirrors the contents of a
> view (for running map on the results of map-reduce).
> The hurdle that I'm facing is tracking changes in the view:
> It's possible to listen to the db's changes feed and deduce which view-keys
> should be updated for a particular seqnum, then query the view with these
> keys. Unfortunately, the view would only return the latest results, that may
> easily incorporate changes from later seqnums, thus making my mirroring db
> inconsistent with the view.
> Any thoughts? Has anyone else meddled with turning a view to a db?
> It would be useful if I could somehow freeze the update of the view (I guess
> I could do it by replicating its db only to a certain point, but that would
> mean a whole other db)
> Thanks,
>  a.

Iris Couch

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