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From Ivo Kammerath <>
Subject Merging many DataBases into one
Date Mon, 23 May 2011 10:35:56 GMT

I am in a similar situation as the one Stefan is working towards
However I would like to do the exact opposite. So instead of splitting 
one DB into two, I would like to merge eight DBs into one.

As source I have 8 DBs/shards on 8 couchdb instances, or alternatively I 
also have a backup of all 8 shards on one couchdb instance. I would like 
to move these 8 shards onto a new node, on which they would exist as a 
single DB on a single couchdb instance. I considered simply read/writing 
it doc by doc, but due to the size of the 8 shards this does not seem a 
valid option.

many thanks in advance

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