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From Zdravko Gligic <>
Subject Re: Peer-to-Peer Replication
Date Wed, 06 Apr 2011 19:00:44 GMT
>>The replication model is such that for every connected graph of peers, all peers in
that graph
will update to the same up-to-date state. This is what they call
"eventual consistentcy".

Replication documentation seems to talk about replication between 2
nodes (a source and a target) with 2 specific URSs and not any magical
"graph of peers".  However, if there is such magic then where do I
find some more info?

>>It's like in bittorrent, you don't have to worry about the clients with full copies
of the
file somehow losing data; the replication data is versionned, so your
peers will only replicate
"forward" in time, not backwards.

I did find and read some info on how CouchDB keeps 2 indices, one by
doc ID and a second being a numeric sequence that is specifically for
replication purposes.  Since these are local sequences, I am a bit
curious how it determines which one is later (as higher numbered one
could be older?) but since I am painting by numbers here, I can let go
of that curiosity and simply assume that it magically happens.

Thanks Nebu.

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