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From Clément Vollet <>
Subject Help needed: is couchDB a good fit for my app?
Date Thu, 21 Apr 2011 17:12:49 GMT
Hi, I sent this email yesterday, but it didn't seem to arrive at
destination (I wasn't suscribed at that time). So here I go again:

Hello everybody,

First of all, I want to say that I'm quite impressed with couchDB so far
(I didn't know anything about it two days ago...).

Second, I'd really want to use it for my app (I stumbled upon couchdb
searching for a database that fits my requirements in fact). I managed to
cross a few items off my list, but I'm still not sure couchDB is a good
fit, and my boss wants an answer by tomorrow^W monday.

So, to summarize what I want to do (it's really simple in fact): I'd
want to be able to have a list of public documents, have a list of tags
definition (name, default value, possible values...), and then users can
*privately* tag those documents. So, the items and the tag definitions
are public, the tag values are private. And finally, I'd like to be able
to have stats on those values, like XX% of the users used the same value
for this document and this tag.

And that's it. It would be in a phone app, and I'd really like to use
replication to have a client cache for values and an offline mode. There
would of course also be a central server for bootstrap, updates,
reliability, ...

So, CouchDB seems like a really good fit, but I'm stuck on the privacy
thing. What I came with so far, was to have separate documents for
items, tags, and tag values, but how can I make sure only the user who
wrote the value can read it without per document authorization (I
already read the wiki page about that, but none of the solution seems

Best regards,


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