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From Owen Marshall <>
Subject Re: A Call to Arms: Fighting the SharePoint/SQL Mobile Development Stack
Date Mon, 18 Apr 2011 14:46:17 GMT
On 04/18/2011 08:53 AM, Chad Cross wrote:

> Here is the basic usage scenario:
>    1. Technican approaches downloads building information/ticket information
>    to his/her mobile for a service request.
>    2. Technican enters building and no longer has connectivity to the remote
>    server
>    3. Technican enters data on their mobile about the work they've completed
>    (assuming this is HTML/JS based, the local data store could be used to
>    temporarily store this data?)
>    4. Technican returns to coverage area and needs to send their data back
>    to the remote server (by all accounts we have to create our own conflict
>    resolution system if the records the Technican wishes to update have been
>    updated while they were out of coverage)

In this case, one/more technician(s) will pull down one/more ticket(s),
work them offline, and push them back up to the centralized server.

But in most workflows, that's not the end of it: most times, a manager
will have to review and sign off on each ticket, or at least acknowledge it.

Resolve your conflicts at the management level. If the manager needs to
check the "Approved" box, and two techs report that they both did a
ticket, the manager will have the knowledge to handle the discrepancy.

A few other places where CouchDB will likely fit well:

* Native HTTP API makes sending data from their mobile to the server
stupid easy. This API will also make getting data into your .NET
application stupid easy.

IMO, this is the biggest win. With CouchDB you can just capture the JSON
in the mobile's LocalStorage, and then send the JSON straight to
CouchDB. Done!

* If HTML5 LocalStorage doesn't fit the bill (it likely will), CouchDB
can run natively on iPhone/Android -- see &

Owen Marshall
FacilityONE | (502) 805-2126

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