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From Mage <>
Subject replication
Date Sun, 10 Apr 2011 12:59:56 GMT

I am new to CouchDB and actually reading the fine Relax book. However
before I spend days or weeks reading about other features I would like
to know that my final goal is accomplishable with CouchDB. This is why I

Suppose that I develop a web app (with Rails) and I setup three CouchDB
nodes: A, B, C. I want all the three to be masters and I want load
balancing (HAProxy?).

As far as I understand I have to setup 3 * 2 replication ways (push and
pull from A to B, A to C and b to C). I need realtime sync (continous

The real goal is that if node C goes down, for example because of
network error, then it comes up I'd like to be sure it starts synching
again in all ways (like it did before the error) without manual
interference. It would be also good to be able to restart node C (or B
or A) and have it working again without doing anything on the other
nodes (A and B). I prefer configuration over crontab jobs.

Getting e-mail about conflicts would be also vital for a web app.

Are these things possible with CouchDB or I just have to think a
different way?

I promise I will read the docs soon.

Thank you for any answers.


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