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From Jyrki Pulliainen <>
Subject Strange bug on long polling changes feed, using OS X
Date Mon, 28 Mar 2011 12:32:32 GMT

I've run into a strange bug with longpoll changes feed, using OS X. I
can not reproduce this bug on Ubuntu Linux running the same version of
CouchDB. This has been verified on two different OS X computers, both
running Snow Leopard in both, 32 bit mode and 64 bit. The other one
has the Couchbase version of CouchDB installed, the other one has one
installed via homebrew.

Problem is following: I have my own CouchDB driver for Tornado
Asynchronous web framework called Trombi[1]. It's basically just a
wrapper around HTTP calls to CouchDB, making them play nicely with the
asynchronous nature of Tornado (unlike other Python CouchDB
libraries). I've made a test[2] that opens up longpolling changes feed
and writes a document in database and then waits to receive the same
document via changes feed listener. What happens is that the changes
feed listener never gets the reply or if it gets one, it is empty (ie.
rows: []).

First guess was the the use of pycurl (and thus libcurl) to be the
problem, but after switching to pure Python SimpleHTTPClient offered
by Tornado the problem persisted. Next I blamed it on Tornado
framework, but further inspection using tcpdump and tcpflow revealed
that the CouchDB actually produces an erroneous reply, an empty
changes feed result (even though there should be at least one change).

Has anyone bumped in to a similiar problem? I can't reproduce this on
command line with pycurl, only with my tests. To simply reproduce this
yourself, just clone Trombi[1], check out branch
wip/simple-httpclient-compatibility, install tornado, nosetests and
pycurl via pip/easy_install and make sure you have couchdb binary in
PATH. After this, just run nosetests -v and the tests should stall on
the test mentioned before[2].



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