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From "Grauel, Moritz" <>
Subject Surprisingly high CPU load
Date Tue, 29 Mar 2011 13:26:52 GMT

I am currently evaluating CouchDB. During my tests I have observed  suprisingly high CPU load.
I have installed a fresh CouchDB 1.0.2, created a DB and inserted one doc { 'hello':'world'}.

Then I just fetch this single document as often as possible. My expectations are, that the
network should be the bottleneck in this simple case.

However the CPU Load of couchdb is very high. with 5 concurrect threads fetching the document
I get around 90% cpu usage. Serving the json as a static file with an apache yields about
twice as many requests as couchdb and only about 50% cpu load.

I have repeated this test on linux in a vm, linux directly on the metal and osx and the results
are more or less similar.

I am very aware of the fact, that my 'benchmarks' are very rough... however I am concerned
about the actual performance of couchdb when serving lots of requests.

Why is CouchDB generating such a high load? Why isn't couch able to saturate the network?

I have tried disabling compression and setting the loglevel to error with no effect.


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