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From Wayne Conrad <>
Subject Re: What causes compaction to retry?
Date Fri, 25 Mar 2011 22:16:19 GMT
On 03/25/11 13:25, Randall Leeds wrote:
 > When compacting, Couch traverses a snapshot of the database and copies
 > the current revisions out to a new, compacted database file.
 > When it reaches the end, it needs to incorporate any new revisions
 > that happened during the first pass.
 > Each successive retry should be much faster than the last.
 > In theory, if the database is busy enough, compaction might never
 > finish. In practice, I don't think anyone has ever seen this occur.

Randall, That made perfect sense.  And indeed, it did finally run out of 
things to compact.  Thanks for the explanation.

Wayne Conrad

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