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From Filipe David Manana <>
Subject Re: _users problem
Date Sun, 20 Feb 2011 01:08:52 GMT
Which exact version of CouchDB are you using? 1.0.2?

If you copy that _users database file into another server
(installation), do the same issues happen on that server?

Any errors in the log file?

On Sun, Feb 20, 2011 at 12:48 AM, Mark Hahn <> wrote:
> I have gotten my installation to the point where only admins in the
> config file can log in.  All the logins come back as incorrect name or
> password, both with my app and futon.  When I create a new user with
> futon it creates the user but before the dialog goes away it give the
> same login error.
> I'm sure I clobbered something in _users but I cannot figure out what.
>  I accidentally created a design/view in _users was supposed to be in
> a different database.  Deleting that design didn't help.  I compared
> my _users/_design/_auth to a working replicant and even the rev number
> was the same so I'm sure that isn't clobbered.
> This may have to do with the fact that I'm storing lots of stuff in
> the _users record for each user.  I have attachments and other random
> fields added.  I guess I should avoid this in the future.
> Has anyone else seen a problem like this or can anyone guess what it going on?

Filipe David Manana,,

"Reasonable men adapt themselves to the world.
 Unreasonable men adapt the world to themselves.
 That's why all progress depends on unreasonable men."

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