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From Benjamin Young <>
Subject Re: schema-driven data entry UI
Date Thu, 20 Jan 2011 19:49:26 GMT
Hey Alexander,

Sorry to jump into this late, but you might enjoy checking out

It's primarily a JSON editor (so far). There's some initial support for 
rendering more complex, HTML5 forms. Most recently, I've added Bespin 
for editing HTML & JavaScript that might appear within a JSON document 
(as with _design docs).

I've also begun adding JSON Schema support, but that's a moving target 
as well, so I may wait on that until the dust settles there a bit.

I'd love to have your thoughts/input if you get some time.

Hope your project continues well,

On 12/15/10 5:06 PM, Alexander Bolotnov wrote:
> Hi,
> Is there a tool (I suspect something like this exists for SQL databases)
> that will allow me to define a schema and build a data-entry UI that users
> will fill out to push data to couchDB? Or nothing has yet been created in
> this field and I have to write something by myself. Perhaps, something like
> this may exist for python or ruby but I couldn't find anything.
> Ideally, this would look like this:
>     1. I define a data schema (XML or anything, that's not important how)
>     something like:
> Name, Short description, Color, Image (attachment).
> It does not have to support data types, length, image size or any other
> validations.
>     1.
>     There is UI that will display fields of each of the data fields that
>     users can fill out and click a button.
>     2.
>     A document is created in couchDB.
> Futon does not seem to suit here since it's data entry process is schema
> free, besides, I haven't figured how to attach files in it and I don't want
> to users to learn all the woodoo.
> Many thanks for all your ideas on this.
> Alexander Bolotnov

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