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From N/A N/A <>
Subject Re: CouchDB _changes + continuous + Ajax
Date Fri, 24 Dec 2010 16:14:27 GMT

Thank you! Hope you are well too...

Yes. First i'm doing changes poll without feed, so i can retrieve last_seq 
key/value. Next i'm doing Ajax request like your with feed, heartbeat and even 
This is working just fine. The code bellow is what i mean. There is function in 
couch.js "CouchDB.request". I patched it a bit for my needs for continuous 
_changes read.
I can post all of the function code later. But what i mean is this:

  var req = CouchDB.newXhr();
  if(uri.substr(0, "http://".length) != "http://") {
    uri = CouchDB.urlPrefix + uri
  }, uri, true);
  req.onreadystatechange = function () {

responseText is read only. While the socket is open every 
time onreadystatechange trigger, it only appends the result. So responseText is 
growing really big and after N seconds/hours/days maybe ill be out of memory. 
What to do, so i can avoid this? If something is not clear enough i'll post some 
code later with some more explanations and logs.


From: Cliff Williams <>
Sent: Fri, December 24, 2010 5:27:18 PM
Subject: Re: CouchDB _changes + continuous + Ajax


I hope you are well and looking forward to Christmas

I am not sure that I fully understand but are you querying using last 
sequence ?

I use

changesurl = "http://"+ host +":"+port.tostring+"/"+database+ 

I can let you have a copy of a skeleton node.js program that I use if 
you think that it would help.

best regards


On 24/12/10 14:04, N/A N/A wrote:
> Hi there,
> I am trying to use continuous changes of CouchDB + some java script. Using
> couch.js, because it is nice and clean template for experiments i manage to
> establish a connection to CouchDB and my webapp. Everything is working fine
> except one thing. Because the socket is still open, my responseText in ajax is
> just appending the JSON answers, so it is getting bigger and bigger and 
> With heartbeat of 100, memory usage is growing pretty fast. JSON data transfer
> could be really high sometimes and dataloss is not an option for me. One
> solution for me was just to use websocket + node.js(or similar). Or maybe to
> split() the answer in array and when it reach certain length to reopen the
> socket with current sequence of _changes. But this solution is not for my 
> and looks for me like a hack and not like solution. So, if someone is familiar
> with continuous changes, is it possible to give me some advice how we can use
> continuous changes + ajax without responseText getting so big? Any workaround 
> I prefer to not use websocket stuff(or something), because i prefer to keep
> things clean and stick only with CouchDB.
> Thanks in advance

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