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From Neville Franks <>
Subject Re: CouchDB: where does it store it's data?
Date Thu, 02 Dec 2010 06:54:19 GMT
Thursday, December 2, 2010, 2:49:24 PM, you wrote:

WvM> Dear list,

WvM> The other day I updated an Ubuntu 10.04 system, and one of the results
WvM> is that Evolution's couchdb address book broke totally.

WvM> The error it gives: address book file does not exist.

WvM> Now I've been looking into couchDB, and trying to find where it locates
WvM> its files. From various points it seems it should be in /var/lib/couchdb
WvM> but that very dir doesn't exist. I have done "locate couchdb" but it
WvM> doesn't find anything outside the /usr and /etc trees with such a name,
WvM> and that are not the places to store user data. Also nothing in /home
WvM> or /var. Logs also do not exist, and no 'couchdb' to be found grepping
WvM> all logs.

WvM> On another computer I created a test couchdb address book, which as of
WvM> this writing still works. But also on this computer I can not find the
WvM> couchdb database files.

WvM> Where should I look for them?

WvM> Or how to otherwise recover this address book?

WvM> Wouter.

CouchDB databases have an extension of .couch so search for that. On
Windows they are in [couchdb folder]\var\lib\couchdb

Best regards,
  Neville Franks,

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