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From Nicholas Orr <>
Subject Re: Considering couchdb for webapp
Date Thu, 04 Nov 2010 07:40:50 GMT
On Thu, Nov 4, 2010 at 8:08 AM, Trond Olsen <> wrote:

> I wondered if someone would like to comment on how suitable couchdb would
> be
> for a webapp I'm developing?
> The app functions like a traditional desktop application and I need a
> web-based storage solution that users can subscribe to. The documents to be
> stored would mostly range from 1-10kb with occasional larger 1-50mb ones. I
> will need to tag documents and let users retrieve groups of documents by
> tag, but only transmit names/urls and not whole content. In addition, each
> "primary" document might have several other separate "configuration"
> documents associated with it that should be queryable on-demand by users.
> When you say documents do you mean actual documents like a letter, resume,
instructions etc? Well anyway based on the general/vague information you
have given sounds like couchdb would work. I'm using it for a quoting tool
(vehicle finance) and pdf generator (html/css templates stored in
couchdb, combine json data with these templates, produce pdf) - works great

> I see that couchdb supports version-control but get scraped when the
> database is compactified. What options are available if I want to
> server-controlled diffs stored in updated documents (both doc and
> attachments)?
> CouchDB doesn't support version control, what you are looking at there is

If you want version control, your application needs to have it. Like if you
want a picture to be 100x100 and show up on the right of the page, couchdb
doesn't control this, your app does.

> Last question concerns security. Ideally I would like to support both
> single
> user and groups control per document with private or public access.
> jchris - simple screencast about
write security - from what I can
tell you can authorise readers at the database level, I couldn't find
anything about auth per document for reading. because of this I just put
security stuff at the application level...

hopefully this answers your questions enough to take the next step :)

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