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From Stefan Klein <>
Subject PUT on _update/docid1 but create a new document with _id:docid2?
Date Fri, 19 Nov 2010 10:55:00 GMT
Hi List,

i'm toying around with couchDB to create a couchapp to manage
bookmarks (yes, i know there are already some).

I want to make sure to not have duplicate bookmarks, so i want to use
the URL as the _id.
With request parameters some URL with are diferent are basicly the
same, for example youtube links:

I would consider them as the same bookmark, but there is no generic
way to tell which request parameters are relevant and which are not.
Now one could write a document update handler which is aware of the
URL format of youtube, vimeo, ... and everytime the URL format changes
or you want to be able to handle an other side you have to edit the
update handler.

I found another posibility:

I created a update handler like:

"updates": {
    "createBM": "function(doc,req)
        if(!doc && ! doc.getId){
            getId = function(doc,req) {
                // some default way to create an _id
            getId = eval(doc.getId);
        nDoc = {};
        return[nDoc,\"shiny happy people\"]

and have on document per hostname which holds the logic to determine
the relevant URL parameters

   "_id": "",
   "getId": "function(doc,req) {
		ytID = // get youtube id (v=<ytID>) from the request
		return \"yt:\" + ytID

So if the bookmarklet send a PUT on

The update handler will create a document with an id like "yt:4jtBQf41Ppc".

Now i'm pretty unsure if this is an evil hack or even a bug in couchdb
which get's fixed or if it's just a relay cool feature.


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