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From Nicholas Orr <>
Subject Re: simple use cases for couch db
Date Thu, 18 Nov 2010 05:58:07 GMT
I've been using it for querying read only data, specifically car data. So I
see it as being really useful for storing factual data (catalogs) that
doesn't change, because once a 2010 Toyota Camry is released it never
becomes a 2009 Jeep Cherokee. The applications I'm involved in use car data
for getting specs, proving information to users, being able to calculate
various things and all of this is read and map/reduce is awesome for this
use case. Having a single document for a single car as a single document and
using map/reduce provides instant totals in comparison to MySQL joins...

If you have fairly static dataset (where once an document is created it
doesn't change except for typos) couchdb + map/reduce is really great :)


On Thu, Nov 18, 2010 at 3:18 PM, Andy <> wrote:

> So Ive been obsessively reading about and researching CouchDB over the past
> couple weeks.  I even wrote my own Java client since the ones on the market
> weren't up to my standards :)  I've probably read 200 articles on google
> explaining the downsides to CouchDB.  I've read the Use Cases on
>  Ive read Jan's book, 10 times.  And still I have this one overwhelming
> question - what can I use it for???
> Im a java developer.  I work in a large enterprise but I also do lots of
> home projects.  At work we use Oracle with Hibernate for Java ORM.  At home
> I use MySQL.  For attachments I use a CDN.  Can anyone explain what real
> uses I could use CouchDB for?  Does it help reporting, does it let me index
> info for that little search bar on most sites, etc?  It sounds like it isn't
> great for reporting since people are mixing it with Solr and Lucene and
> Elastic Search, correct?  It would be cool to write a site with no
> middleware (php, java, etc) but I dont plan on doing that anytime soon.  I
> did just read a great thesis on that though :)  The offline access feature
> will be huge one day.
> Its people like me that kinda like what we hear, we know we love REST and
> JSON and built in http server, the replication and clustering and load
> balancing honestly doesn't mean that much to me.  The no transactions freaks
> me out, so does the no ad-hoc querying, but I'd love to learn more.  I would
> like to use it if I just knew for what.  Just a few simple use cases that
> aren't super specific to someones bizarre business process.  How has it
> helped you?  Sorry, Ive been waiting all week to ask this question.  I
> REALLY think this is a great community and I can't wait to learn more and
> help promote the uses of this technology.  Thanks-

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