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From Luciano Ramalho <>
Subject Re: local test server for couchapps
Date Sat, 06 Nov 2010 11:14:44 GMT
On Fri, Nov 5, 2010 at 8:47 PM, Chad George <> wrote:
> Is there any interest (or current work) out there for a test server
> environment for couchapps.
> Basically my idea is to prevent having to do a "couchapp push" for every
> little change to an attachment on the design document.
> Originally I thought about having couchapp auto-push ... but that'll make a
> lot of unnecessary pushes (and might leave an actively running server in a
> broken state)
> So I've started to write a little python script that runs a local web server
> directly on top of the couchapp source directory structure.
> The idea is to statically serve all the attachments of the design document
> directly from the file system. For everything else (documents, views, shows,
> lists, etc) I silently proxy to the running couchdb server. The combined
> effect is that the client sees the exact same URL structure on the test
> server as the real couchdb server.
> Right now the implementation is very simple, but it has a thread-pooled
> request handler and uses 'keep-alive' connections for proxying to couchdb so
> the overall load time for a complex page isn't noticeably more than
> accessing the same page with couchdb directly.
> And it really makes developing client side couchapps a lot more relaxing :)
> I'm curious if people think this is something worth adding to couchapp
> itself?

I think that is a very good idea and I would like to try it myself.
Please share that code if you can, because I believe the feedback from
more people would be a pre-requisite for integrating something like
that into couchapp.

In addition, I would like to help with adding support for automated
testing. I am addicted to unit tests and it is a good addiction. I
haven't yet figured out a simple way to use CouchDB's own testing
infrastructure in my projects, so I am using a QUnit test page in
_attachments to test functions that I use in my views. You can see my
simple setup here:

BTW, all the code in that repo is LGPL, so feel free to explore and
re-use. We are just starting with CouchDB.


Luciano Ramalho
programador repentista || stand-up programmer
Twitter: @luciano

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