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From Karel Minařík <>
Subject Re: Bulk Updates in CouchDB
Date Tue, 16 Nov 2010 13:37:58 GMT
>> My question is how do I do some simple things like:
>> 1) Delete all documents where key.value = xxx
> For #1, my current trick is to generate a view with a map function
> that looks like this:
> map: function(doc) {
>    emit(null, doc._rev);
> }
> This makes it easy to convert the results of the view (without
> stale=ok) into a bulk-delete by iterating over the view, but not
> fetching each document to get at the revision.

Hmm, could you explain a bit how it should work? (Because the way I  
understand it, you have to iterate over _all_ the docs and check `if  
doc.value == xxx` in the client code? That'd be impossible for large  
data sets.)

As for the question 1), I'd either do a view to emit `[doc.value, 1]`  
or index it with fulltext, then get the results back (either querying  
with `key="xxx"` or `?q=key:xxx`) in batches of ~10.000, get the IDs  
and revisions and then issue a bulk delete.

> 2) Update all documents where key.value = xxx so value = yyy

There is no way to do 2), AFAIK. This is not entirely bad, neccessarily.


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